Saturday, April 23, 2011

This reminds me of something

Holy Cow! 2 posts in a day!!! WHAT A RECORD!!!

Anyways, moving on, it's storming here in Maryland, and its reminded me of a story that a friend of mine told me not too long ago. He was talking of an older gentleman at his church, who loved to make people think he was senile, and make them laugh. One Sunday, after a very rainy week, this gentleman decided to have a little fun with the congregation at his church. He grabbed a lawn chair, and fishing pole, and headed to the side of the street where water ran by in a lovely stream. Lo and behold, the man started fishing in that stream on the side of the road, as people were walking into church! What a novel idea!!! (Kinda of reminds me of my friend Jono, who went surfing on an ironing board in a highway median, just for kicks) When I get older, I want to be like this gentleman, because I want to have a lot of fun when I'm done with work and school, and everything else that bogs us down in this lifetime. I want to bring joy and make people crack a smile as they walk by.

I feel like I want to add something that will bring closure, but I think I will end this mid thou

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