Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finals week (I hate processed foods...)

Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long, school has been NUTS!!! Anyways, this week is finals, and I've learned how much it sucks to be a music major during finals, because you can't really study for anything.... it's all from practice in class, like theory and aural skills. (which btw, I totally rocked my theory final!)

On to another subject, I have been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on, and it is fantastic. What I really learned is how bad processed foods are for us. It's all the left over junk from prime cuts of meat, and that stuff is just gross... Anyways, I'm just hoping that next year, the food will be better tasting, and much better for us. So, I you all look into it, and check out what you're really eating. I would write more, but I'm pretty distracted right now, but I will dive more into this subject. So, have a good week, and good luck to everyone on finals!