Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Power Outage at Houghton

Okay, so Allegany County when black tonight, for about 2 hours, and mass chaos broke out on the campus of Houghton College. Needless to say, it was nuts. I almost got hit by a car, WHILE ON THE QUAD!!! People were screaming, praise and worship started up on the chapel steps, and then a rave got started on the other side of the quad. Me? Well, I was trying to help some upper-admin people, because well, that's what I do all the time. It's my version of panic mode, I try to help in every way possible, and we decided the best way was just to get everyone illuminated so we (and others) could see where people were. This contributed to the rave, which I must say was an excellent idea. It kept people in one place, and kind of shut them up.

The one thing that we have learned from this experience is that Houghton needs a better emergency plan when something like this happens. Without the power, the students go wild. In this fact, it made me realize how much this campus relies on lights and electricity. Without it, the stars shine brightly for all to see, but when you look back down, you see headlights coming down the sidewalk. (the one cool thing though, was that the inside of the chapel was completely illuminated, because the emergency lights there are the side candelabras that light the entire room.) Anyways, it was nuts, and better plans need to be in effect for the future.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Relevant Worship show... TONIGHT

Okay, so I haven't written in like 3 weeks, I know, I've been busy, and tonight, everything will finally come to a close! The concert I have been planning for 4 months is TONIGHT! And I am so excited!!! Anyways, I have a lot of new ideas that I need to write about, and I will get to it soon!