Sunday, July 4, 2010

Creation 2010

Dang... that was fast... Creation is always the highlight of my summer each year. This year's big idea that really came through for me was "Is it holy?"As in, don't ask yourself if what you are about do is okay for a chrisitan to do, but is it a holy thing?? As christians, we strive to be like Christ (duh.) but in that, we have turned away from trying to be holy like Christ, to "will he be pissed if I..." This really hit home for me, because I really do need an attitude change in my walk with God, and I really want to come closer to him, so yeah... What else happened this week...

OH YEAH!!! Relevant Worship is amazing! 'nuff said. They did a private concert for us in our CAMPSITE. How often can you say that happened? It was the highlight of the weekend for us and them, and we had an amazing time worshiping with them.

The bands were great, but God was greater this week, and that's what really matters

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